I would like to welcome everyone to Lewis Chapel.  I am Pastor Mel Thompson today I want to let everyone know what is going on here and that is the "WORD of GOD" is being preached each and every Sunday.  Last Sunday, we started a four week series on the "Seven Deadly Sins".  These are sins that can tarnish one's soul because they can not be defeated by ourselves it is only through Christ in us that they can be defeated.  Last week we talked about "The Greedy Glutton" (Greed/Gluttony), This week we will be on "Discontented Rage!!!" (Envy/Wrath); Next week will be "The Prideful Slacker!!!" (Pride/Sloth); Lastly "I Can"t Get NO----!!!"  (Lust) ***Which Parental Guidance may be suggested***.  So, feel free to join us on Sunday mornings at 10:15AM or even if it is on Facebook Live (I will let you know in person is better) or even on Wednesdays for our devotion on Facebook.  If you have any questions for me or the church just call me at 8436870360 or email me at  Be Blessed !!!! 

    Choir Practice each Sunday @ 6:00